Listen to MS MR’s ‘All The Things Lost’ from ‘Power’


New York-based dream pop duo MS MR’s ‘All The Things Lost‘ was featured on Power this week — Season 7 , Episode 9 “I Call The Shots“. It played when Ghost and Sasha were having sex.

And you may have noticed, if you know anything about Florence and the Machine, that MS MR sound quite a bit like them. Especially singer Lizzy Plapinger’s vocals.

Plapinger grew up in London, though, so definitely has that British influence, including a Florence and the Machine sensibility. She looks a little bit like her too.

As for ‘All The Things Lost‘, it’s slow and pretty and sensual, and is from MS MR’s 2015 album How Does It Feel, which you can currently grab on all digital music platforms.

Listen to ‘All The Things Lost’ in the video below.

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