Listen to Muna’s ‘I Know A Place’ from Alex Strangelove with its addictive melody and beat

Muna’s ‘I Know A Place‘ from Alex Strangelove is addictive

All-female electronic pop band Muna‘s song ‘I Know A Place‘ was one of the tracks featured on the new Netflix original movie Alex Strangelove.  The song was played when Alex and Elliot go to a concert together.

Muna’s ‘I Know A Place’ is from the trio’s debut album About U, and it is a song that was also featured on the soundtrack of the Canadian film The Carmilla Movie.

It is also a track that was the perfect choice for Alex Strangelove — an LGBTQ positive movie about a teenager awakening to his sexuality.

Because the three women of Muna — Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson — are not only openly and proudly gay themselves, but they also do everything they can to be role models for others who may not be out, and yet still want to be able to find positive role models to relate to.

So much so, every song Muna writes is pronoun-free, so that all their songs are accessible to anyone, regardless of their gender. Isn’t that lovely?

Listen to Muna’s ‘I Know A Place‘ as featured in Alex Strangelove in the official music video below. Or in the Spotify widget below that.

And, yes, dance to it. Because it has the most addictive melody and beat, Katie Gavin’s lilting and husky vocals are gorgeous,

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