Listen to Murray Head’s ‘Superstar’ from Jim Carrey’s ‘Kidding’ — the original version

The new Showtime tragi-comedy series Kidding starring Jim Carrey as Jeff Pickles got off to a good start last night.

Not only with a stellar performance from Carrey himself, but also with some excellent music.

Notably from the English actor and singer Murray Head, and his song ‘Superstar‘.

Murray Head’s ‘Superstar’ was played when Phil and Will are playing around in the back of a van and a car crashes into it, during episode 1, “Green Means Go” of the new series.

The track was played again during the same episode, this time sung by the cast of the 1996 version of Jesus Christ Superstar during the scene when Pickle’s son Phil is killed.

As for Head’s ‘Superstar‘, it was actually the original version of the now iconic song.

The track was recorded by Murray Head along with the Trinidad Singers back in 1969, and hit the U.S. charts three different times from 1969 through to 1971.

It finally ending up peaking in the 14th position, and becoming a massive hit for Head.

Murray Head himself, of course, is still known for his even bigger 1984 hit ‘One Night in Bangkok‘. A song from the musical Chess, and a huge worldwide success for Head when it made the number 1 spot in a slew of countries.

Listen to Murray Head’s ‘Superstar‘ and watch the original music video for the track below.


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