Listen to My Jerusalem’s ‘Death Valley’ from Suits — Dark and Hypnotic (Video)

My Jerusalem Death Valley

American indie rock band My Jerusalem‘s ‘Death Valley‘ was featured on Suits on Tuesday night (3rd August, 2016 — Season 6, Episode 4 — “Turn”). And it’s a song that was the perfect fit for the scene it played over — Mike leaving with Harvey to go back to jail — as it’s pretty dark and hypnotic.

As for My Jerusalem, they’re a rock band out of Austin, Texas, that hit it pretty big with their debut album Gone For Good back in 2010.

The band released their second album, Preachers, in 2012, and picked up even more of an audience for their music after touring with the iconic Peter Murphy in 2014. Recently they were the opening band for Spoon during their 2015 tour.

The band’s third album A Little Death hit shelves last month.

My Jerusalem’s ‘Death Valley‘ is from Preachers. It was remixed by Common Prayer’s Jason Russo. And, as My Jerusalem’s lead singer Jeff Klein says about it, “The result is a hypnotic, hazy little gospel.”

Yes, it is indeed. Listen to it and watch the official video for it below.

And, if you love the track and, let’s face it what’s not to love, you can grab Preachers on all major digital music sites.

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