Listen to My Morning Jacket’s ‘Lucky To Be Alive’ from Superman & Lois, Season 2, Ep. 2

American rock band My Morning Jacket’s ‘Lucky To Be Alive‘ was played on the soundtrack of Superman & Lois last night — Superman & Lois, Season 2, Episode 2, “The Ties That Bind“.

The song was played as Lois is making breakfast for the family after Natalie and John arrive.

My Morning Jacket’s ‘Lucky To Be Alive‘ was released on the band’s self-titled ninth studio album, which came out on the ATO label last year.

The album hit #7 on the U.S. Independent Albums chart, #8 on the Top Rock Albums chart, and also charted in Scotland and the United Kingdom.

The song was written about streaming services and other technology that is now stealing revenue from the musicians they supposedly ‘support’ with their low-paying streaming services.

The lyrics go on to say when they’re on the road doing concert after concert in a vain attempt to make up the money they have lost, they should just feel “lucky to be alive”.

Because isn’t that’s what these streaming services tell them?

“Feel lucky we allow you to stream your music at all”.

Listen to My Morning Jacket’s ‘Lucky To Be Alive‘ as heard on Superman & Lois. It’s bittersweet sound was perfect for that scene.

And here is where you can watch Superman & Lois depending on where you live and which streaming service you have signed up for.


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