Listen to Natalia Clavier’s ‘Trouble’ from Good Trouble, Season 3, Episode 14

Argentinian singer songwriter Natalia Clavier’s ‘Trouble‘ was played on the Freeform drama series Good Trouble last night — Good Trouble, Season 3, Episode 14, “Picks and Strikes” — which aired on August 4th, 2021.


The song was heard during the opening montage.

Natalia Clavier’s ‘Trouble’ is from the artist’s 1-track sophomore studio album Lumen, which was released in 2013 via Nacional Records.

The song came with an official music video featuring Clavier in a coffee shop adding massive amounts of sugar to her coffee, drinking, and then almost passing out on the floor.

All the while singing of how she will always be “trouble till the very end”.

Natalia herself has been involved in music since the incredibly young age of three, when she joined a school choir.

When asked about how she comes up with the plethora of songs she writes, Clavier explained it this way:

“My songwriting is honest and simple.

I don’t want to write complex poetry or crazy intellectual stuff. I write about simple human things. Ordinary days, life, love. Any theme can be a song. Songs are in the air and I just pluck them out.

Sometimes I’ll get the melody first and sometimes the lyrics. Most times it comes to me all at once” .

Listen to Natalia Clavier’s ‘Trouble‘ as heard on Good Trouble below.

As for Good Trouble, the third season of the drama is now airing/streaming via Freeform.


Michelle Topham