Listen to Natalie Taylor’s ‘In The Air Tonight’ from ‘Lucifer’ Season 3, Episode 20, ‘The Angel of San Bernadino’

Listen to Natalie Taylor’s ‘In The Air Tonight‘ from Lucifer

Natalie Taylor‘s lovely cover of Phil Collins‘In The Air Tonight‘ is getting a lot of attention on the Internet since it was featured on the latest episode of Lucifer last night — Season 3, Episode 20, “The Angel of San Bernadino“.

It was heard towards the end of the episode as Pierce leaves Chloe and Lucifer heads over to his apartment to confront him.

The original Phil Collins version was also heard at the end of the show, which was a lovely homage to the iconic British singer.

Interestingly too, it is the second time the Music Supervisor at Lucifer has used Taylor’s ‘In The Air Tonight‘ for the show, as it was also featured on the November 28th, 2017 episode “Quid Pro Ho“.

Nashville-based singer songwriter Natalie Taylor is not new to having her music featured on popular TV shows either. In the past it has shown up on Teen Nick’s Open Heart, Criminal Minds, Scream, Jane the Virgin, Ten Days in the ValleyWorld of Dance and Finding Carter, to name just a few.

Every time it gets attention as what she produces is so pretty, and quite refreshing. Particularly as she doesn’t really stick to a specific genre, so what you get is sometimes pop, sometimes country-tinged, sometimes extremely indie.

Listen to Natalie Taylor’s cover of Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight‘ from Lucifer in her official video below. And don’t be surprised if it shows up on the show again, somewhere down the line.

You will find the Phil Collins original in the video below that.

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