Listen to Need To Breathe’s ‘No Excuses’ from ‘The Vampire Diaries’

The American Christian rock band Need To Breathe’s track ‘No Excuses‘ was featured on ‘The Vampire Diaries this week — Season 8, Episode 8, “We Have History Together“.

It was played when Caroline writes to Elena about everyone’s lives, and then calls Matt to try to make a lunch date with him.

No Excuses‘ is from the band’s latest album Hard Love, which was released in mid-2016. The album received mainly positive reviews.

And, while Christian music is not my thing at all, being an atheist and all, so I haven’t really listened to Need To Breathe much before, their ‘No Excuses‘ is quite pretty.

Listen to it below. You can buy the album it came from on most major online digital music sites.

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