Listen to Newton Brothers’ ‘Start at the Bottom’ from Riverdale S7 E9 as Veronica is at the movie theater

The Newton Brothers’ ‘Start at the Bottom‘ was that jaunty song playing on Riverdale last night — Riverdale, Season 7, Episode 9, “Betty & Veronica Double Digest” — towards the end of the episode as Veronica’s parents have changed the apartment door locks, and so she is forced to go to the movie theater to sleep.

Not that Veronica cares, as she seems as though she feels right at home there.

The Newton Brothers’ ‘Start at the Bottom’, by the way, should not be confused as coming from the current day film score composers of the same name (aka John Andrew Grush and Taylor Newton Stewart).

Instead, the original The Newton Brothers were a music act who were actual brothers, unlike the modern day pair.

They were Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Netwon, who founded the music duo The Newton Brothers in the 1950s alongside his brother Jerry Newton.

The boys won a singing competition and, because of that, were given their own TV show called Rascals in Rhythm. They went on to perform in Las Vegas six nights a week for over five years.

Wayne Newton eventually went solo in the 1960s and the rest is history as, since then, he has become the highest-grossing entertainer in Las Vegas history, as well as an actor in movies and TV shows.

It is his Las Vegas career that has given him massive superstar success though, as he has performed in more than 30,000 shows in the gambling capital of the world since 1963.

At the now-age of 81, Wayne Newton is still performing today.

Listen to The Newton Brothers’ ‘Start at the Bottom‘ as heard on last night’s Riverdale on the Spotify player, and in the video. It is a catchy little number, eh?

Meanwhile, Riverdale, Season 7, Episode 9, “Betty & Veronica Double Digest” is now streaming on Netflix.


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