Listen to Nick Lucas Sing ‘Tiptoe Through The Tulips’ From The Walking Dead

nick lucas tiptoe through the tulips

Just in case you’re one of the few people who had never heard Nick Lucas sing ‘Tiptoe Through The Tulips‘ before, until last week’s episode of The Walking Dead (Season 6, Episode 8 – “Start To Finish”) that is, here it is in all its fabulousness. it’s the original 1920s version of the song made famous again by Tiny Tim in the 1960s.

As for Nick Lucas, he was an iconic American singer and jazz guitarist in the 1920s and 1930s who used to be known as The Crooning Troubadour.

Above all else, he was probably known for his song ‘Tiptoe Through The Tulips‘, a song that has periodically shown up on movies and in TV shows for the almost 90 years since its first recording.

Watch Nick Lucas’ sing the original version of the song in the video below. Cool, eh?

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