Listen to Nicky William’s ‘What If’, Bittersweet and Grabs You (Videos)

nicky william what if

Sweden’s Nicky William is an alternative folk singer songwriter that has been making headlines ever since he started releasing music. After all, his voice is rich, mature and hooks you, yet he’s still only 19 years old.

Now, Nicky William has a new single out. Called ‘What If’, it premiered on Swedish radio a month ago, followed quickly by the release of William’s EP Falling Upwards just a couple of weeks later.

What If‘ is seductively happy and chipper, until you listen to the lyrics, then it’s quite bittersweet – “My ears prefer the sound of the clock, hitting 4am with a bang, now I’m hiding pills under my bed, that keep me going, going, going, going, going”.

Watch Nicky William’s ‘What If’ in the official lyrics video below and, if you’re into lyrics as much as I am, make note of some of his. They’re poetry.

The single and William’s EP Falling Upwards are available on iTunes.


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