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Listen to Nihils’ ‘Help Our Souls’ from ‘Conviction’


The Austrian indie pop group Nihils track ‘Help Our Souls‘ was featured on the ABC series ‘Conviction‘ today — Season 1, Episode 10, “Not Okay“. It was played when Hayes is preparing a meal, and she tells Harper about what happened between her and Wallace.

The dance track ‘Help Our Souls‘ is a single Nihils released in 2014. A single that became popular on the Austrian charts at the time.

The band is currently based in Berlin, where they are working on their debut album.

As for Nihils, they are from the western Austrian region of Tirol, and were discovered on a casting show. They took a hiatus in 2015 to figure out where they wanted their music to go, but they are now back and releasing some pretty cool new stuff.

Listen to ‘Help Our Souls‘ below. Nice, eh?


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