Listen to Nilu’s ‘Are You With Me’ from Grey’s Anatomy — her voice is stunning

Listen to Nilu’s ‘Are You With Me‘ from Grey’s Anatomy

The Nilu’s song ‘Are You With Me’ was featured on the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy this week — Season 14, Episode 10, “Personal Jesus“.


It was featured during the montage when Bailey and Ben were talking to Tucker, when Jo and Jenny were in the observation room as Paul was being operated on, and as April is told Karin and Paul are dead.

It is not the first track Nilu has had featured on a popular TV show either. Her cover of The Fray’s ‘How To Save A Life’ was used on Grey’s Anatomy three seasons ago. She has also had music featured on iZombie, Pretty Little Liars, Doubt and The Brave.

Nilu, aka Nilu Madadi, is an Iranian-American singer songwriter based in Orange County, California. Her music is an interesting mix of Persian music with classical, rock and soul thrown in to come up with something quite unusual.

One of Nilu’s influences in Phillip Glass, and you can definitely hear that with the piano here on ‘Are You With Me‘.

You can find out more about Nilu on her website, and listen to the beautiful ‘Are You With Me‘ in the Spotify widget below. Her voice is stunning.

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