Listen to Nilu’s ‘Steady Now’ from Grey’s Anatomy as the American-Persian singer reminds “pain is impermanent”

copyright: Nilu, Facebook page

Her music is always highly emotional and so Nilu’s ‘Steady Now‘ is no exception

California based American-Persian singer songwriter Nilu‘s gorgeous new single ‘Steady Now’ was featured on Grey’s Anatomy this week — Season 15, Episode 15, “We Didn’t Start The Fire“.

The song was heard as Owen and Amelia get Leo back, and as Alex’s mother settles in his house and, as always with Nilu’s music, it is highly emotional and with so many gorgeous layers of musical sound (that plaintive violin, that sweet piano, and her rich, husky, sultry voice).


The track is a repeat music feature for Nilu on the popular medical drama, as her songs have appeared on Grey’s Anatomy several times before — including the stunning track ‘Are You With Me, her cover of The Fray’s ‘How To Save A Life’,  as well as the Persian music-influenced ‘Hummingbird.

As for Nilu’s ‘Steady Now‘, it was released late last month and is a song the indie singer explains this way:

“This song is meant to be a reminder (for us all) that pain is impermanent. It will inevitably pass or transform – even when it seems endless – creating space for light, forgiveness, compassion and all you need to fully realize the beauty within and around you.”

An insightful philosopher, it seems, as well as a talented singer.

Nilu is not just popular with the music supervisor of Grey’s Anatomy either, as her music has also been featured on shows like The Resident, McGuyver, iZombie, Station 19, Doubt, Pretty Little Liars and The Brave.

Listen to Nilu’s ‘Steady Now‘ from Grey’s Anatomy in both the video below, and in the Soundcloud widget below that.

And if you like the song, I recommend listening to her stunning debut EP Dichotomy. You will find that in the Spotify widget below.

And, of course, follow Nilu herself on Facebook, on her website, on YouTube and on her Instagram page.