Listen to Nina Simone’s ‘Take Care of Business’ from Sex Education S4 Ep 1 as Maeve is in the library

Take Care of Business‘ played on Sex Education as Maeve is in the library trying to study

The hit Netflix teen drama Sex Education is back on the streaming platform this week for Season 4 with the British drama featuring the same type of stellar mix of new and classic music we heard in the first three seasons.

The first song played on the latest season of the Netflix series this week was a classic track — Nina Simone’s ‘Take Care of Business‘.

That song was heard during the opening scenes of Sex Education, Season 4, Episode 1 as Maeve (played by Emma Mackey) is in the library working on her homework and sees a couple making out in the stacks.

It continues as Maeve leaves the library and everyone she sees seems to be making out, so she messages Otis.

When was Nina Simone’s ‘Take Care of Business‘ released?

The song was released by the jazz singer/songwriter on her studio album I Put a Spell on You, which came out in June, 1965 on the Philips record label.

It is a song about the person she is in love with being the only one that is able to make her feel the way she does:

You know, you know that I love you truly
And I want the whole round world to see
How you can take care of business
For me, for me, for me

(full lyrics on Genius)

Simone’s I Put a Spell on You album charted in both the United Kingdom and the United States, with its highest placing at #18 on the UK Albums chart.

It is an album that is more pop-related than anything else Simone ever released in her almost 50-year career, and one that has appeared on several music critic’s lists as one of her most interesting and best.

Listen to Nina Simone’s ‘Take Care of Business‘ as heard on the new season of the very popular Sex Education this week.

It is a song that helped set us up to expect phenomenally good music throughout Season 4 of the teen drama and, no, the season does not disappoint.

Season 4 of Sex Education is now streaming via Netflix.

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