Listen to Noir Désir’s ‘Le Vent Nous Portera’ from Sky High: The Series, Ep. 3 end credits

That fabulously catchy French rock song playing over the Sky High: The Series, Episode 3 end credits was a track from the now defunct rock band Noir Désir called ‘Le Vent Nous Portera‘ (Sky High: The Series, Episode 3, “Cuentas pendientes“).


The song begins playing as Sole has taken everyone to Paris, and they group is walking around pointing out the sights. It continues playing over the end credits.

Noir Désir’s ‘Le Vent Nous Portera’ was the first single from the band’s final studio album Des Visages des Figures, and came out in August, 2001.

The single, which was released around Europe, hit #1 in Italy, #3 in France and #7 in Belgium.

It has since gone on to become one of the French band’s most successful releases, with almost 70 million plays on Spotify alone.

Des Visages des Figures, the album it came from, was similarly successful, sold more than a million copies and went down in history as one of the best French rock albums ever released.

Unbeknownst to the band at the time, it was also the last full-length album the band ever released. They disbanded nine years after its release.

It all came crashing down for Noir Désir (in English ‘Black Desire) just a couple of years later when lead singer Bertrand Cantat, who was drunk at the time, got into an argument and beat his girlfriend Marie Trintignant so badly she ended up in a coma.

The 41-year-old French actress died a few days later.  Cantat spent four years in prison after being convicted of murder.

Listen to Noir Désir’s ‘Le Vent Nous Portera‘ as it was played over the Sky High: The Series, Episode 3 end credits in the music video, and on the band’s Des Visages des Figures album.