Listen to Paul Anka’s ‘Tonight My Love, Tonight ‘ from Billions S7 E11 as Bobby meets with the Governor at Rao’s

Canadian singer songwriter Paul Anka’s ‘Tonight My Love, Tonight‘ was the song playing on Billions today as Bobby meets with the Governor before she can meet with Mike — Billions, Season 7, Episode 11, “Axe Global“.

That meeting, of course, takes place in the exclusive four-table, six-booth New York restaurant Rao’s where many would love to eat, but few will ever be able to.

Bobby, of course, not only manages to get a table at Rao’s where he then dines the Governor, he rents out the whole restaurant so they are not disturbed.

Paul Anka’s ‘Tonight My Love, Tonight‘ plays in the background as the two dine.

When was ‘Tonight My Love, Tonight‘ released?

Anka’s ‘Tonight My Love, Tonight‘ was released in 1960 as a single from the singer’s Big 15, Volume 2 album.

The song’s B-side was ‘I’m Just a Fool Anyway‘, which was not on the album, and the single went on to rank at #11 on the Cash Box 100 in the United States, as well as #13 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The track also charted in Italy, Australia and Canada.

It is one of close to 100 singles Paul Anka released between 1956 and 1996, as well as one of eight singles he recorded and released in 1960 alone.

Listen to Paul Anka’s ‘Tonight My Love, Tonight‘ as heard playing in Rao’s on this week’s episode of Billions in the video, and on Anka’s The Very Best of Paul Anka album via Spotify.


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