Listen to Paul Brandt’s ‘The Journey’ from Heartland S17 E4 end credits

It is hard to believe the Canadian drama Heartland is now on its 17th season, or that it is still one of the most popular dramas ever to air on Netflix — even if the streaming service hasn’t caught up to Season 17 yet.

After all, it doesn’t seem like any time since the first season premiered and, with so much competition on Netflix, you would think it would have disappeared down the charts long ago.

Then again, when you think about its wholesome family-centric message, the superb acting, the absolutely gorgeous scenery and how uplifting of the spirit so much of the show is, it is probably no wonder the show is Canada’s longest running hour-long drama ever.

Throw in the superb music that often appears on the show’s soundtrack, and it likely would be more of a surprise if Heartland wasn’t as successful, both in Canada and internationally, as it has been over the last almost two decades.

That music, of course, includes Paul Brandt’s beautiful song ‘The Journey‘, which was played on Heartland, Season 17, Episode 4, “A Piece Apart” this week, as Millie arrives back at the ranch and tells Logan her MRI is clear.

The song also plays over the show’s end credits.

When did Paul Brandt’s ‘The Journey‘ come out?

The Journey‘ was released in 2017 as the title track from the Canadian singer’s second EP The Journey YYC, Vol. 1, which came out on his own record label Brand-T Records in April, 2018.

The song came out in August, 2017, is one of two singles released from the album, and went on to hit #16 on the Canadian country chart.

The song itself is written about how something that is worth doing is often not easy but, instead of feeling depressed over hardships you might face, decide on your goal and do everything you can to get there.

After all, when you do, it will all have been worth it:

Steady on now, gonna keep my course
Tell my heart that it ain’t looking back no more
No time for desperation
Set my destination please
No one ever promised it would be easy
Come on why don’t we go on the journey

Listen to Paul Brandt’s ‘The Journey‘ via his The Journey YYC, Vol. 1 EP, and on the song’s official music video. It really is a lovely song.

The latest season of Heartland is now airing on CBC and CBC Gem in Canada. You will need a VPN to access it outside the country.

Along with Netflix, you can also watch earlier seasons of the family drama on Tubi, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Pluto TV and a slew of other services.


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