Listen to Perfume Genius’s ‘Queen’ from Mr. Robot, Season 4, Episode 13, Series Finale Part 2

American indie pop singer Perfume Genius‘s ‘Queen‘ was one of the last songs ever featured on the techno thriller Mr. Robot last night — Mr. Robot, Season 4, Episode 13, “Series Finale Part 2“.

It was as superb of a choice for the hit TV series soundtrack as just about every other song the Music Supervisors for the series chose, and was played as we see Elliot finding Angela in the arcade.

Perfume Genius’s ‘Queen‘ is from the singer’s third studio album Too Bright.

Released in 2014, ‘Queen‘ was the lead single from the 11-track album. An album that was critically acclaimed upon release, and that charted high in the United States, United Kingdom and Belgium.

It reached the Top 10 on both the Billboard Independent Albums chart and the Top Alternative Albums chart.

Perfume Genius’s ‘Queen‘ also came with a music video that starts with the singer being picked up at the side of the road by a woman in an open top car.

The pair drive to an industrial area where they crawl into a factory, only to be confronted with baby pigs milling around in an elevator. Perfume Genius picks one of them up.

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Soon they arrive in a room full of computer monitors, which they proceed to destroy. Their final destination is the board room of a major corporation, where we see both strutting along the table while the old white men running the company try to eat their expensive meal.

It ends with Perfume Genius throwing himself off a building only to turn into feathers as he lands. Feathers that are then picked up by a group of cheerleaders below.

Listen to Perfume Genius’s ‘Queen’ from Mr. Robot in that official music video. His album Too Bright is available in full in the Spotify player below.

You can also listen to Jacques Brel’s ‘Ne me quitte pas and Styx’s ‘Mr. Roboto, both of which were featured in the same Mr. Robot┬áSeries Finale Part 2.


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