Listen to Perry Como’s ‘A Dreamer’s Holiday’ from Better Call Saul, Season 6, Ep. 6

I love it when popular contemporary TV shows feature classic music from decades ago.

Music like Perry Como’s ‘A Dreamer’s Holiday‘, which showed up on Better Call Saul this week — Better Call Saul, Season 6, Episode 6, “Axe and Grind“.

The quirkily sweet song was played as Howard is getting dressed.

It then continues as he makes a latte for his wife.

Perry Como’s ‘A Dreamer’s Holiday‘ first came out in 1949, with Como and music trio The Fontane Sisters recording the song together.

That release was a big hit for them, making it to #4 on the Billboard chart and staying on the chart for almost five months.

Country singer Willie Nelson also recorded a cover of the mellow son.

That song was included on his 29th studio album Without a Song.

Listen to Perry Como’s ‘A Dreamer’s Holiday‘ from this week’s Better Call Saul in the video, and on The Essential Perry Como album in the Spotify player.

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