Listen To Petit Biscuit’s ‘Iceland’, It’s Cold, Rich and Euphoric

petit biscuit

French producer Petit Biscuit is rapidly become one of my favorite electronic artists. Not only because his electronic house music is so beautiful, but also because he paints a picture with that music that allows you to see what he is seeing so vividly in his head.

Take one of Petit Biscuit’s latest tracks. Called ‘Iceland‘, when you listen to it you can immediately picture vast Icelandic skies, incredibly desolate landscapes and, even though it is so bitterly cold, the most incredible beauty you have ever seen is what you will remember.

Hence, the still so upbeat feel of the track.

In fact, Petit Biscuit’s ‘Iceland‘ is one of those instrumental tracks you will find yourself playing again and again, just because you feel so euphoric when you do.

Listen to Petit Biscuit’s ‘Iceland‘ in the Soundcloud doo-hicky below. It is from his new 5-track self-titled debut EP, which you can pick up here.

As for Petit Biscuit, if you would love to hear him perform live and you’re in France, or plan on being there this summer, he already has a few concert dates lined up.

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