Listen to Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Sidelines’ from Harlan Coben’s Shelter, Ep 5 as Whitney confesses to Emma

The American indie rock musician Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Sidelines‘ was played on the soundtrack of Harlan Coben’s Shelter this week — Shelter, Season 1, Episode 5, “See Me Feel Me Touch Me Heal Me“.

The track was played during the scene where Whitney confesses to Emma that she likes her, and as Emma is surprised and tells Whitney she also likes her.

The song is played quietly in the background, but it still adds a lovely sweetness to the scene.

Because, God, this track is beautiful.

When was Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Sidelines‘ released?

Bridgers’ ‘Sidelines‘ was released by the indie singer in April, 2022 as one of the songs from the soundtrack for the Hulu drama Conversations with Friends.

The song also appeared on that show’s trailer.

It was the first new music Bridgers had recorded since she released her second studio album Punisher back in June, 2020, and went on to earn the American singer more than 21 million streams on Spotify alone.

Sidelines‘ also came with a official music video that has garnered her almost 1 million plays on YouTube, and that features Bridgers and her band getting ready to perform, and then performing the track, live.

The video has such a lovely upbeat feel to it, I must admit when it was first released, I must have watched it 30 times.

Listen to Phoebe Bridgers‘ ‘Sidelines‘ as heard on Shelter this week in that music video, and via Spotify.


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