Listen to Poets of the Fall’s ‘Drama For Life’, It’s Dramatic and Rocking

poets of the fall drama of life

Finnish alternative rock band Poets of the Fall released their new single ‘Drama for Life‘ this morning, along with a very cool lyric video. The track is from their upcoming seventh studio album Clearview, due for release on September 30th, and it’s pretty damned rocking.

And, as usual with Poets of the Fall, it’s not just the music that rocks with ‘Drama for Life‘, it is also the lyrics.

Because, come on, “This mental versailles, Is much grander than the lies, You tell yourself to get, Through the night, Sentenced to drama for life“. How beautiful is that?

Watch Poets of the Fall’s new lyrics video for ‘Drama for Life‘ below. It’s dramatic and cool. And you can pick up the track on all major digital music sites.

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