Listen to POWERS’ ‘Heavy (Vizualizer) from Lifetime’s ‘You’ — catchy, upbeat and cool

Listen to POWERS’ ‘Heavy (Vizualizer)‘ from You — it’s so catchy

The Los Angeles-based alternative pop duo POWERS often create some of the coolest, most upbeat and catchy songs around. Songs like  ‘Heavy (Vizualizer)‘ — the one POWERS had featured on the Lifetime series You this week — Season 1, Episode 8, “You Got Me Babe“.

That song was played as Beck tries to amuse herself in her apartment without the technology she normally uses.

As for POWERS, aka Crista Ru and Mike Del Rio, they are a pop duo that use all kinds of unique and strange inspirations to compose the songs they create. Influences from fairy tales to old Swedish hymns. Even a 1993 Baywatch episode has given them ideas.

Starting out in underground clubs, then writing for artists like Selena Gomez and Kylie Minogue, nowadays POWERS is writing even bigger songs due to the influences they picked up while on world tours with artists like DNCE and X Ambassadors. And that includes their 2017 release ‘Heavy (Visualizer)‘.

The duo are currently working on their debut album, expected to release some time in 2019.

You can listen to POWERS’ ‘Heavy (Vizualizer)’ in their official music video below, and hear it in the Spotify widget below that.

You can also learn more about POWERS at the pop duo’s website.

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