Listen to Princess Nokia’s ‘Crazy House’ from Generation, Season 1, Episode 14, “Click Whirr”

American indie rapper and songwriter Princess Nokia’s ‘Crazy House’ added some musical coolness to the latest episode of the HBO Max series Generation this week (aka Genera+ion) — Generation, Season 1, Episode 14, “Click Whirr” — which aired on July 1st, 2021.

The song musically illustrated the scene in which Riley talks a car salesman in allowing her to take a care out for a trial ride, and then drives as fast as she can.

Princess Nokia’s ‘Crazy House‘ is from the rapper’s 2020 third studio album Everything Sucks.

And with the current dictatorial restrictions around the world against a virus with a 99.8% survival rate, I have got to say I agree with her!

The album was released on the same day as the rapper’s fourth studio album Everything is Beautiful, and was released as the antithesis to it.

Listen to Princess Nokia’s ‘Crazy House’ from Generation in the video, as well as on her Everything Sucks album.

The first season of the HBO Max dramedy Generation (aka Genera+ion) is currently streaming on HBO Max.

There has not been an announcement about a second season, but we will keep you posted if one is released.

Update: September, 2021 — HBO announced this month that Generation will not be renewed for a second season. The series received mixed reviews, and the audience for it was quite small.


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