Listen to Purity Ring’s ‘Obedear’ from ‘Search Party’ — Dreamy and Pretty


The Canadian electronic dream pop duo Purity Ring’s song ‘Obedear‘ was featured on the new TBS dark comedy ‘Search Party‘ this week — Episode 1, Season 1, “The Mysterious Disappearance of The Girl No-One Knew“. It was played as the episode opener.


Obedear‘ is from the duo’s superb 2012 debut album Shrines.

As for Purity Ring, aka, Megan James (vocals) and Corin Roddick (instrumentals), they used to be members of the band Born Gold but got together as a duo when Roddick asked James to sing on a new electro pop track he was creating. And Purity Ring was born.

Listen to Purity Ring’s ‘Obedear‘ in the video below. You can grab Shrines on most major music sites online.

Michelle Topham