Listen to Queen’s ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy’ from Good Omens, S2 Ep1

The second season of Good Omens premiered on Amazon Prime Video today, with the usual British sense of humor silliness and a fair number of cool songs on its soundtrack.

Songs like Queen’s ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy‘, which was played on Good Omens, Season 2, Episode 1, “The Arrival” towards the end of the episode as Crowley (David Tennant) is speeding through town on his way back to the book shop.

Queen’s ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy‘ first came out in 1976 on the band’s fifth studio album A Day at the Races.

The track was then re-released in 1977 as a single from the band’s EP Queen’s First EP.

The song became a minor success for the British rock band with its second release, making it to #17 on the UK Singles chart as well as being certified Silver in the UK and Gold in the United States.

Listen to Queen’s ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy‘ as heard on the new season of Good Omens on the band’s A Day at the Races album and in the video.

It is an upbeat sounding song but with lyrics that are quite poignant.

After all, it was around the same time ‘Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy‘ came out that band lead singer Freddie Mercury, who wrote the song, was in the midst of his first serious gay relationship and breaking up with his long-time girlfriend Mary Austin.

You can also watch the band’s famous Top of the Pops performance from the year the single was released, although it was only a partial “live performance” as some of the vocals by Freddie Mercury were mimed.


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