Listen to Radical Face’s ‘The Missing Road’ from New Amsterdam, Season 5, Ep. 1

The popular hospital drama New Amsterdam was back last night with its fifth season and, along with the medical-themed angst, the episode also featured some stellar songs on its soundtrack — New Amsterdam, Season 5, Episode 1.

Songs that included Radical Face’s ‘The Missing Road’, which was played during the montage in which Luna and Max try to move on from the wedding mess a year before.

Radical Face’s ‘The Missing Road‘ is from the singer’s six-track 15th EP Hidden Hollow, Vol. One – Singles, which came out in 2021.

It is one of a huge number of releases — singles, EPs and full-length albums — that have been recorded by the Jacksonville, Florida-based singer songwriter in the last two decades.

And one of the many things I love about Radical Face, aka musician Ben Cooper, and his music is that he took his name from a flyer.

He found out later the flyer was actually an ad for plastic surgery — Radical Face-Lift — with the ‘Lift’ having been ripped off.

But hey, he ended up with a cool name, eh?

Listen to Radical Face’s ‘The Missing Road’ as heard on New Amsterdam this week in the video.

Listen to the track on the singer’s Hidden Hollow, Vol. One – Singles EP down below.

You can also hear songs from previous seasons of New Amsterdam here on Leo Sigh.

And watch the latest season of New Amsterdam on NBC.


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