Listen to Radiohead’s ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ from For All Mankind, Season 3, Ep. 10

British indie rock band Radiohead’s ‘Everything in Its Right Place‘ was played on this week’s episode of For All Mankind on Friday night — For All Mankind, Season 3, Episode 10, “Stranger in a Strange Land“.

Radiohead’s ‘Everything in Its Right Place‘ is the first cut on the band’s fourth studio album Kid A, which was released in 2000 on the Parlophone and Capitol record labels.

The song, and everything else on the album, was a huge departure from the music Radiohead usually produced.

Everything in Its Right Place‘, for instance, used synthesizers and manipulated lead vocalist Thom Yorke’s voice.

It was the first song Yorke wrote for the Kid A album after having writer’s block after the huge success of the band’s previous album OK Computer, and it took him quite a long time to write it.

He eventually bought a house in Cornwall, and spent much of his time talking long walks while he thought about which direction he wanted the band’s next album to go in.

When Yorke showed ‘Everything in Its Right Place‘ to the album’s producer Nigel Godrich, he was not particularly impressed. But after he and Yorke manipulated Yorke’s vocals and transferred the song from a piano to a synthesizer, he fell in love with it.

The Kid A album, including ‘Everything in Its Right Place‘ went on to be another enormous worldwide hit for Radiohead, hitting #1 in 7 countries, including the U.S. and the UK.

Listen to Radiohead’s ‘Everything in Its Right Place‘ as heard on For All Mankind this week in the video, and on Radiohead’s Kid A album.

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