Listen to Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’ from The Last Thing He Told Me Ep 6

The British indie rock band Radiohead continued its music placement on hit TV shows (and yes, the band has been featured on many) with Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises‘ showing up on The Last Thing He Told Me today.

That episode is The Last Thing He Told Me, Episode 6, “When We Were Young“, and is just two away from the mini-series’ finale.

The song was heard on the Apple Original mystery drama playing on a car radio as Owen comes out of the diner he is working at in Austin, Texas, kisses a blonde woman who is waiting for him in a car, and then the two drive off together.

Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises‘ came out in early 1998 as the fourth single from the alternative rock band’s smash-hit album OK Computer.

The song ranked at #4 on the UK Singles chart, as well as high up charts in eight countries.

The cool dream pop track did not, however, chart in the United States.

No Surprises‘ also came with a strange official music video featuring band frontsman Thom Yorke in an astronaut helmet, singing as the song’s lyrics scroll on the screen.

Eventually the helmet begins to fill with water as Yorke continues to sing while trying to keep his head above it. Once the helmet is full of water, a few seconds later, it drains away and Yorke continues to sing.

According to Yorke, the video was meant to convey one of the song’s lyrics — “A job that slowly kills you”. It currently has more than 177 million plays on YouTube.

Listen to Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises‘ in that video, and in the streaming music player.

The Last Thing He Told Me is an eight-episode mini series starring Jennifer Garner, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Angourie Rice.

The series is currently streaming via Apple TV Plus.

You can hear more songs from the mini-series on Leo Sigh.


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