Listen to Radiohead’s ‘True Love Waits’ from ‘Legion’ — the most beautiful thing

If you watched the latest episode of the FX superhero series Legion last night (Season 2, Episode 10, “Chapter 18“), you will have heard the gorgeous Radiohead song ‘True Love Waits‘ on the soundtrack.

The song was written by band frontman Thom Yorke over 21 years ago, and was a song that was never released by the band, although Yorke played it solo and accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar at various concerts over the decades.

A studio version of ‘True Love Waits‘ was finally released on the Radiohead album A Moon Shaped Pool as the last track on the album, but with piano instead of guitar, and it is the most beautiful thing.

Especially when you know the full story of how long it took Radiohead to record and be happy with a studio version of the track.

Listen to the studio version of Radiohead’s ‘True Love Waits‘ in the Spotify widget below. Then listen to the way the song has sounded for 21 years in the video of a live performance of the track Thom Yorke gave in Rio de Janeiro earlier this year below that.

Personally, I prefer the live acoustic version. It’s just that much more powerful.

If you like that version too, you can hear it on the live tracks album I Might Be Wrong, as performed by Yorke in Oslo.

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