Listen to Raign’s ‘Now I Can Fly’ from Tall Girl — a massive girl power anthem

British singer songwriter Raign’s ‘Now I Can Fly‘ is getting a huge amount of attention after it was used in the official trailer for the new Netflix movie Tall Girl.

The song is from the Deluxe version of Raign’s 2018 debut album SIGN.

Raign’s ‘Now I Can Fly‘ is not her first song to be featured on a movie or TV series, however, as it was previously heard on Grey’s Anatomy. Other songs have also been featured on shows like The 100, Containment and The Vampire Diaries.

Raign got her start in the music world writing and self-releasing her own music. Her work began to get more attention when it began being featured on popular TV shows, and when she released three EPs on the indie Millionaire London Records label.

Fans love her work as much of it has a strong emotional and anthemic quality to it, as well as more than a hint of girl power.

Listen to Raign’s ‘Now I Can Fly‘ in the video below, as it has a massively anthemic sound. You can also hear the track in the Spotify widget below that.

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