Listen to Ramin Djawadi’s ‘Winterfell’ from Game of Thrones and Say Goodbye to Hodor

game of thrones soundtrack

If you are a fan of the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, which it sometimes seems like half the planet is, you will probably also be in love with the music from the series.

Scored by an Iranian-German composer called Ramin Djawadi, the music is often sad, heart-wrenching and a powerful story teller and emotion grabber.

And in particular pieces like Djawadi’s ‘Winterfell’, which was heard during the closing scenes of Game of Thrones on Sunday night (May 22nd, Season 6, Episode 5 — “The Door“), as Hodor gave up his life to hold the door so he could save Bran and Meera from the wights.

And no, it really could not be a sadder piece of music, or more perfect for the tragic goodbye of a loved character

Listen to the extended version of Ramin Djawadi’s ‘Winterfell‘ in the video below to relive that terrible scene and, don’t forget, if you do love the music to Game of Thrones, the entire beautiful soundtrack of the series is available on most major digital music sites.

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