Listen to Ray Charles’ ‘Ain’t That Love’ from The Out-Laws opening credits

The new Adam DeVine film The Out-Laws premiered on Netflix this weekend and, along with the excellent cast,the movie also features several superb songs on its soundtrack.

Songs like the track playing over The Out-Laws opening credits — Ray Charles’ ‘Ain’t That Love’ — as the camera pans across all the ‘guests’ at the wedding on the “3D seating chart”.

It is a classic song that lulls you into a “romantic” mood before the typical DeVine craziness begins, and that romance quickly disappears.

When was Ray Charles’ ‘Aint That Love‘ released?

Ain’t That Love‘ first came out as a single from the soul/R&B singer’s self-titled debut studio album in early-1957. The album was then released a few months later.

It was then re-released under the title Hallelujah I Love Her So in 1962.

While the album is known as Charles’ “debut studio album”, it was more like a greatest hits compilation album, as every track on it had been released as singles several years previously, and with most of them becoming huge hits for the singer already.

That is why Ray Charles’ ‘Ain’t That Love’ was the only official single released from the album, and that was done in early 1957.

The album itself, though, was loved by both music critics and fans, and why wouldn’t it be when almost every song on it was so familiar?

Listen to Ray Charles’ ‘Ain’t That Love’ from the opening credits of The Out-Laws in the video, and via his Hallelujah I Love Her So album.

Or, if you are like me and prefer to own the songs you like, you can grab Ray Charles’ debut album via most streaming platforms on MP3, vinyl or CD.

The Out-Laws stars Adam DeVine, Nina Dobrev, Ellen Barkin, Pierce Brosnan, Richard Kind and Julie Haggerty.

The film is streaming worldwide now on Netflix.


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