Listen to Refused’s ‘New Noise’ from The Bear, Season 2, Ep 1 end credits

Refused’s ‘New Noise’ is back on The Bear – this time as an ending song

The Swedish hardcore punk band Refused’s ‘New Noise‘ was that wild song playing on The Bear, Season 2, Episode 1, “Beef” this week as Sydney, Carmy and Sugar have decided to open the restaurant in a crazy short amount of time, and Sydney asks “Is this a terrible idea?”

The track really kicks in as it plays over the episode’s end credits.

Refused’s ‘New Noise‘ was one of the tracks released on the band’s third studio album The Shape of Punk to Come, which was released in October, 1998 on the Swedish Burning Heart record label.

The album was notable, not only for the stark difference in sound from the band’s previous two full-length releases, but also because Refused broke up a month after it came out.

New Noise‘ went on to grab music critics’ attention, as well as to be a popular feature on a slew of TV show soundtracks including 24, Criminal Minds, The Following and Wayne, and on movies like Triangle of Sadness, Boot Camp, Crank and The Hitman’s Bodyguard.

And yes, the track was used as the opening song on the first episode of the first season of The Bear — which is probably where you have heard it before.

As for Refused, the band broke up in 1998, got back together in 2012, broke up again and then got back together two years later with most of the original members still involved.

They have been performing and recording together ever since, with their latest album, War Music, coming out in 2019 and hitting charts in Germany and Sweden.

Listen to Refused’s very wild and cool ‘New Noise‘ from The Bear end credits in the track’s music video, and on the band’s The Shape of Punk To Come album below.


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