Listen to Regina Price ‘Hanging on the Edge’ from Grey’s Anatomy, Season 15, Ep. 25, “Jump Into the Fog”

Regina Price ‘Hanging on the Edge‘ is beautiful, now we just have to figure out who she is

Singer Regina Price is another new artist that seems to have little information about herself online. So much so, a search today on Regina Price ‘Hanging on the Edge’ being featured on Grey’s Anatomy last night didn’t bring up much. (Season 15, Episode 25, “Jump Into The Fog” — May 16th, 2019).

No bio on Spotify, nothing on Apple Music, and zilch on Facebook. Just a comment from Big Yellow Dog Music on their Facebook page that the song was written by Annie Williams and Alexi von Guggenberg.

So, if you are out there somewhere Regina Price, what a lovely job on ‘Hanging on the Edge‘. And congratulations on the Grey’s Anatomy feature.

Now could you please post some bio information somewhere, so the next time one of your songs is featured on Grey’s Anatomy, or any other TV series for that matter, I can learn a little bit more about you?

Anyway….listen to Regina Price’s ‘Hanging on the Edge’ in the video below, and in the Spotify widget below that. She also has a couple of other very pretty songs on her Spotify account. You might want to listen to them too.

As for Grey’s Anatomy, yes, last night’s episode was the season finale. But try not to lose sleep over it, as it has been renewed for seasons 16 and 17 already.

And don’t forget to listen to ‘Breathe Again‘ that gorgeous song from Sleeping at Last, that was also featured on last night’s episode.


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