Listen to Reuben and the Dark’s ‘Change’ from The Rookie, Season 5, Ep. 16 – a lovely love song

Canadian indie folk band Reuben and the Dark’s ‘Change‘ was played on The Rookie yesterday — The Rookie, Season 5, Episode 16, “Exposed“.

The song was heard on the procedural crime drama in the ending montage as Lucy apologizes and Tim accepts, and as Tim gives her a necklace.

The song continues playing as Bailey is making dinner as John gets home, and as Wesley and Lopez talk about their day.

Reuben and the Dark’s ‘Change‘ was released by the alternative folk band in October, 2020 as a standalone single.

The slow, melancholic-sounding but quite upbeat track is a man promising the person he loves, no matter what happens.

He goes on to promise, even if certain things about him change as the years go by, he will still always love her.

I’ve been changed by change and I know that you’ve been changing too
Love will come and love will go but I’m holding on to how I’m loving you

Reuben and the Dark has been together since 2012.

The band currently comprises singer/songwriter Reuben Bullock, Sam Harrison (guitar and keyboards) Brock Geiger (guitar and keyboards), Nathan da Silva (bass), and Brendan ‘Dino’ Soares (drums).

Listen to Reuben and the Dark’s ‘Change‘ as heard on last night’s episode of The Rookie in the track’s official lyric video, and on the Spotify player.

You can currently watch Season 5 of The Rookie on ABC.


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