Listen to Rhodes ‘The Lakes’ Featured on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – It’s Gorgeous

Rhodes Wishes album cover art

The beautiful Rhodes track ‘The Lakes‘ was featured on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ on Thursday night (Season 12, Episode 7 – “Something Against You“). It quickly became a song ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ fans all over the Internet are now raving about.

If you’re not familiar with Rhodes, he is a British singer songwriter whose debut album Wishes was released in September this year.

And let me tell you, if you like ‘The Lakes’, his debut album is just as beautiful as this. Don’t believe me? Watch his video for ‘Close Your Eyes.

Listen to Rhodes’ ‘The Lakes’ in the audio video below and, for more of his music, you can listen to the 18-track album Wishes in its entirety on Deezer. And then, I’m guaranteeing, you will want to buy it, it’s that gorgeous. You can do that on all major digital music sites.


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