Listen to Riley Pearce’s ‘Brave’ from ‘Shameless’ with its raw vocals and heartbreaking theme

Listen to Riley Pearce’s ‘Brave‘ from Shameless with its raw vocals and heartbreaking  theme

The Riley Pearce song ‘Brave‘ was one of the superb songs featured on the latest episode of Shameless this week — Season 8, Episode 10, “Church of Gay Jesus“. (Mockingbird Killers’ ‘Gonna Hit the World with a Double Barrel also showed up on the same episode)


The track was played when Lip finds out Professor Youens has died after a seizure while incarcerated, and then continues as he returns from the prison by train, and it added a truly heartbreaking feel to the scenes.

Riley Pearce himself is an emerging Australian indie folk singer songwriter known for his raw vocals and his incredibly sad songs in both music and theme. ‘Brave’ follows along in that pattern.

It is also the lead track from Riley Pearce’s 2016 sophomore EP Outside the Lines, which you can currently pick up from a link on his website or listen to on Spotify. It was also previously featured on the Freeform TV series Shadowhunters.

Watch the official video for the song and listen to Pearce’s ‘Brave‘ below.  Isn’t that just one of the saddest songs you have heard?

Michelle Topham

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