Listen to Robbie Nevil’s ‘Some Girls Do’ from A Million Little Things, Season 3, Episode 14

American pop singer songwriter Robbie Nevil’s ‘Some Girls Do‘ was played on the soundtrack of the new episode of the family drama A Million Little Things  — A Million Little Things, Season 3, Episode 14, “United Front” — which aired on May 19th, 2021.

The upbeat electro pop track is from the Los Angeles native’s album Party Pop, which was produced for the production music library Extreme Music — a library that creates and licenses music specifically for use in TV shows, advertising and videos.

Robbie Nevil’s ‘Some Girls Do‘ is one of a slew of songs he has written for Extreme Music.

A career he began after his own solo singing career fizzled some time after his third studio album Day 1 had poor sales.

He released his last single in 1996.

Since then Nevil has written music for companies like Disney, as well as songs for Jessica Simpson and Destiny’s Child.

Thus creating a successful career for himself as a songwriter in the music licensing world.

Listen to Robbie Nevil’s ‘Some Girls Do‘ from A Million Little Things on his Party Pop album and in the video below.

Two more episodes remain in Season 3 of A Million Little Things.

Fans don’t need to worry, however, as the popular show has already been greenlit for a fourth season.


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