Listen to Ron Gallo’s ‘Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me’ from Superman & Lois, Season 2, Ep. 11

American indie garage punk, art rock singer songwriter Ron Gallo’s ‘Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me‘ was played on Superman & Lois this week — Superman & Lois, Season 2, Episode 11, “Truth and Consequences“.

The bangin punk rock song was heard as Sarah meets Bizzaro Jon-El, but still thinks she’s talking to Jonathan.

Ron Gallo’s ‘Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me‘ was released in early 2017 on the singer’s sophomore studio album Heavy Meta.

The album came out via New West and was critically acclaimed, although not a commercial success.

The track has an official music video featuring the Ron Gallo and his band performing the track at a wedding.

A wedding made up of only children, including the bride and groom — and with the band giving a stellar performance because, man, those riffs, eh?

Listen to Ron Gallo’s ‘Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me‘ as heard on yesterday’s Superman & Lois in that music video.

You can also listen to the track on Gallo’s Heavy Meta album, which you can listen to in full via the Spotify widget.

Meanwhile, Season 2 of Superman & Lois is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.


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