Listen to Rosalia’s ‘NANA (Cap.9: Conception)’ from Nowhere as Mia makes a fire to warm her baby

That gorgeous song playing on the new Spanish film Nowhere as Mia makes a fire to warm her baby is Spanish singer Rosalia’s ‘NANA (Cap.9: Conception)’.

It is a song that is so incredibly mesmerizing and haunting, the track is also played over the Netflix film’s end credits.

It is also a track that is incredibly appropriate for that scene considering it is a song that is sung by a mother to her child.

When was Rosalia’s ‘NANA (Cap.9: Conception)‘ released?

While it may seem as though ‘NANA’ was written specifically for that scene in the film Nowhere, the song was actually released by the Spanish singer several years ago — back in November, 2018 on her second album El mal querer.

The song is one of 11 on the album with lyrics that are based on the 13th century romance novel Flamenca, with Rosalia writing each of the songs about one chapter from the book.

After the album was released, purchases of Flamenca skyrocketed around the world.

Rosalia’s El mal querer album was written by the indie Spanish singer songwriter as her baccalaureate project in 2016 while finishing her studies at the Catalonia College of Music.

She produced it alongside Spanish musicianĀ El Guincho.

The singer paid for the album completely alone, causing her to almost go bankrupt in the process, and to tell fans when it was finally released in 2018 “”Everything I have I am leaving it here; I’m in the red, I’m risking a lot.”

As for Rosalia’s ‘NANA (Cap.9: Conception), the song is written from the perspective of a mother who is pregnant with a child that was conceived in a relationship gone bad.

And the rain falls sadly
To look at you
Behind every raindrop
An angel looks at you

(full English lyrics at Genius)

Listen to Rosalia’s ‘NANA (Cap.9: Conception)‘ as heard on Nowhere and over its end credits in the video, as well as via the singer’s El mal querer album on Spotify.

The Spanish filmĀ Nowhere is now streaming on Netflix. Check out its official trailer below to see if it might be your thing. It was definitely mine.


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