Listen to Royal Blood’s ‘Trouble’s Coming’ from Dexter: New Blood, Episode 6

British rock duo Royal Blood’s ‘Trouble’s Coming‘ was one of several cool songs played on the Dexter: New Blood soundtrack last night — Dexter: New Blood, Season 1, Episode 6, “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches“.

The song was playing on the episode as Harrison is in the hall when the school bell is ringing.

Royal Blood’s ‘Trouble’s Coming‘ is the lead single from the rock duo’s third studio album Typhoons, which came out in April this year on the Warner Records label.

And, while the song is definitely still a rock track, it also features much stronger dance elements than the band’s music had used in the past.

The track made it to #1 on the Canadian Rock Songs chart, as well as to #2 on the U.S. Rock Airplay chart.

Trouble’s Coming‘ also charted in Belgium, the United Kingdom and Scotland.

Royal Blood’s ‘Trouble’s Coming‘ came with an official music video, which you can watch below, featuring members Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher performing the song.

Listen to Royal Blood’s ‘Trouble’s Coming‘ as heard on Dexter: New Blood on their Typhoons album.

It is a track that was the perfect choice for last night’s Dexter as, let’s face it, we can all see trouble heading rapidly down the pike.

Even Dexter himself.

Learn more about Royal Blood on the duo’s website.


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