Listen to Ruby Amanfu’s ‘God Only Knows’ from Tiny Beautiful Things Ep. 4 end credits

Nashville-based pop and R&B singer songwriter Ruby Amanfu’s ‘God Only Knows’ was that lovely song playing on Tiny Beautiful Things, Episode 4, “Under the Stars” end credits.

It starts playing on the episode after Clare remembers seeing her mother riding the horse.

The song was recorded and released by the Ghana-born singer exclusively for the Tiny Beautiful Things soundtrack.

Amanfu’s ‘God Only Knows’ is, of course, her cover of the classic Beach Boys song, which was a hit pop song that came out in 1966 on the group’s album Pet Sounds.

The track charted all over Europe and in the U.S. upon release, and became one of the pop band’s signature songs.

Unlike the faster The Beach Boys version of the song, however, Amanfu has slowed down the song.

That has made every word of this gorgeous song burns itself into your memory as her husky voice soulfully tells her lover, if he ever left her, she would be lost without him.

Listen to Ruby Amanfu’s ‘God Only Knows’ from the Tiny Beautiful Things, Episode 4 end credits on the video.

You can also hear snippets off it on the Tiny Beautiful Things soundtrack down below.


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