Listen to Ruelle’s ‘I Get To Love You’ from Shadowhunters Series Finale “All Good Things…”

It has been a good week for American electro pop singer songwriter Ruelle, as she had two of her songs featured on the latest episode and also the series finale of Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments — Season 3, Episode 22, “All Good Things…” this week, and another song on God Friended Me.

One of the songs, Ruelle’s ‘I Get To Love You‘, was played in the middle of the last Shadowhunters episode during the Malec wedding.

Ruelle’s ‘I Get To Love You‘ is a single that was released in 2016. But it has a pretty interesting story behind the writing of the song far beyond that.

According to a post on Ruelle’s Facebook account, she wrote the song as the one to be played as the first dance at her wedding to her husband Jess.

It’s a lovely story too, because Ruelle talks about how she was in love with someone else, but eventually had to walk away when she realized they both wanted different things.

Not long afterwards while not even wanting to be in another relationship, she met her now-husband, and fell in love. It was then that she realized “Sometimes our greatest disappointments in life lead to our greatest gain.”

Listen to Ruelle’s ‘I Get To Love You‘ in the gorgeous official music video below.

And don’t miss the other beautiful Ruelle song featured on God Friended Me this week —  as well as a lot more music from the sadly now canceled series here.

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