Listen to Ruelle’s ‘Monsters’ from Hightown S3 Ep 7 ending of the disappointing series finale

American electropop/indie pop singer songwriter Ruelle’s ‘Monsters‘ was that track playing on the series finale of the Starz crime series Hightown during the ending montage — Hightown, Season 3, Episode 7, “Big Fish“.

And what a bizarre, completely-ending-with-so-much-not-resolved episode it turned out to be.

The song begins right after Frankie Cuevas is murdered, and as Alan Saintille asks Jackie “You pick a side yet?”.

It plays through the ending montage and ends playing as Osito Delgado calls Ray to say he knows how Frankie was murdered, and that he knows what he did.

“I know you wanna be a good friend. It’s time to get to work, Ray”.

Yep, other than Jackie fishing and commenting “Work’s about to get busy” — that was the end of that. Same old, same old, eh?

When was Ruelle’s ‘Monsters‘ released?

Yet one more song the extremely prolific Ruelle has had featured on a hit TV show, Ruelle’s ‘Monsters‘ first came out as a single in 2015, and as an acoustic single in 2017.

The track then made a reappearance as the first song on her 2019 album Ode to Shadows.

It is a song with lyrics that talk about the inner demons we all have, and warns that, if we don’t deal with them, we might suddenly be devoured by them.

The use of ‘Monsters‘ at the end of Hightown, of course, was more a commentary about the criminal element, the authorities who aren’t always on the up and up either, and the people desperately trying to stop them.

Listen to Ruelle’s ‘Monsters‘ as heard on that incredibly disappointing series finale of Hightown in the video, and via the Spotify widget.

A streaming platform, by the way, where the song has already earned almost 60 million streams.

You can watch the series finale of Hightown on Starz. Although…

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