Listen to Ruelle’s ‘Where We Come Alive’ from God Friended Me

American electronic pop singer songwriter Ruelle had more of her gorgeously ethereal music featured on a popular TV series this week.

This time it was Ruelle’s ‘Where We Come Alive‘, which showed up on the new episode of the comedy-drama series God Friended Me — Season 1, Episode 5, “Unfriended”.

The song was played as Miles decides to send a friend request to God’s account.

Ruelle’s ‘Where We Come Alive‘ first showed up in advertisements for Google Year In Search 2018 commercials. Since then, it has been released as a single, and is now included on her latest album release Ode to Shadows.

As for Ruelle, she is known not only for her beautiful music but also her angelic voice. Both of which have afforded her phenomenal success in having her music used in TV series in the last few years.

Not only used, but some of it has even been chosen as the theme song for a series — specifically for Shadowhunters, the BBC nature documentary series Dynasties and The Shannara Chronicles.

Ruelle’s music has also shown up in Arrow, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, Teen Wolf, Wynonna Earp, The Vampire Diaries, Titans, Grey’s Anatomy and at least 18 other series.

The Nashville-based singer has currently released three albums — Emerge, Madness and Ode to Shadows — as well as a slew of singles.

Listen to Ruelle’s ‘Where We Come Alive‘ as featured on God Friended Me in the video below.  You can keep up to date on new releases on Ruelle’s website.

God Friended Me stars Brandon Micheal Hall, Violett Beane, Suraj Sharma, Joe Morton and Javicia Leslie. It airs on CBS.

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