Listen to Run the Jewels’ ‘Run the Jewels’ from Billions S7 Ep 5 end credits

Massively successful American hip hop group Run the Jewels’ song ‘Run the Jewels’ was played on the new episode of Billions last night.

The track was heard playing over the Billions, Season 7, Episode 5, “The Gulag Archipelago” end credits.

Run the Jewels‘ ‘Run the Jewels‘ was one of the tracks from the duo’s self-titled debut studio album. (Yes, the duo likes the sound of their own name!).

That album came out in June, 2013 via the Fool’s Gold record label in the United States, and through Big Dada Recordings in Europe in early 2014.

The Run the Jewels album was released to universal acclaim in the United States.

It also went on to rank on four charts in the U.S., with its highest ranking at #6 on Billboard’s Top Tastemaker Albums chart.

The duo comprises rapper and producer El-P and rapper and music producer Killer Mike.

Both men had been very successful in the music industry for several years when they decided to collaborate on an album.

That collaboration has gone on to spawn four studio albums to date, as well as two remix albums, two EPs, and almost 20 singles.

Several of their singles have featured iconic artists like Pharrell Williams, DJ Premier, Zack de la Rocha and rapper, director and producer Boots.

Listen to Run the Jewels’ ‘Run the Jewels’ from the Billions end credits on the duo’s album of the same name, and in the track’s official music video.


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