Listen to Run The Jewels’ ‘The Ground Below’ from Invincible S2 as Mauler kills King Mauler

The music supervisors of the Amazon Prime animated series Invincible outdid themselves this week, by not only featuring Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds’ ‘Avalanche at the beginning of the episode, but also by choosing another banger for its explosive ending.

It was Run The Jewels’ ‘The Ground Below‘ that played on that Invincible ending this week as Mauler hands King Mauler his poisoned lemonade, and then watches him as he dies — Invincible, Season 2, Episode 4, “It’s Been a While“.

The episode finishes with Mauler commenting “Sometimes things are the way they are for a good f*cking reason“, and then ‘The Ground Below‘ plays the episode out over the end credits.

When did Run The Jewels’ ‘The Ground Below‘ come out?

The track is one of the American hip hop duo’s more recent releases, coming out as a song on their fourth studio album RTJ4 in June, 2020.

It samples Gang of Four’s ‘Ether‘ and, while not one of the three singles released from RTJ4, is still a standout.

The track was also a cool choice for the closing scenes of this week’s Invincible, as it is Run The Jewels‘ Killer Mike and El-P rapping on ‘The Ground Below‘ about having self-respect while hoping for but not needing respect from others:

Every child, woman and man
Opinion don’t matter, stick to your plan
If they judge, still don’t budge
Don’t give a inch, don’t give a nudge (Nudge)
Life a bitch, leave you battered and bent
Lose or win, gotta hold up your chin (Chin)

Respect Mauler certainly didn’t have for King Mauler, as he couldn’t wait to see him die.

Listen to Run The Jewels’ ‘The Ground Below‘ as heard at the end of this week’s Invincible in the song’s Art Video, and on the duo’s RTJ4 album via Spotify.



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