Listen to SadGirl’s ‘Little Queenie’ from ‘Ray Donovan’ — cool mellow surf rock

Listen to SadGirl’s ‘Little Queenie‘ from ‘Ray Donovan

Los Angeles-based surf band SadGirl’s song ‘Little Queenie‘ was featured on the latest episode of Ray Donovan this week — Season 5, Episode 8, “Horses“. And it’s a nice, mellow, laid-back track that was perfect for the scene when Abby and Conor danced.

It was the only non-Patti Smith track featured on the show this week, as the music supervisor seemed to have his Patti Smith groove going on.

Sadly, there isn’t much information about SadGirl online at the moment, including on their website which is little more than links to their social media accounts.

All I could dig up was the trio are Misha Landes (vocals and guitar) and Paul Caruso (drums), who are cousins, and Dakota Peterson on bass.

They also classify themselves as a lo-fi, garage, psych, post spaghetti western, surf band. Alrighty then.

Listen to SadGirl’s ‘Little Queenie‘ from Ray Donovan in the official video for the track below. You can pick up their latest EP,  Vol 3. Head To The Mountainson Bandcamp.

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